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“Right-to-Rent”: A Simple, Sensible Idea That Dysfunctional Washington Is More Than Happy to Let Die

November 9, 2011

I remember hearing about the American Homeowner Preservati­on program in Cleveland several months ago. This has got to be a win win situation for all concerned. Congress is no longer capable of acting rationally­. All they can manage is a knee-jerk reaction to the latest headlines. Ask a politician a question and you rarely get a cogent answer. They are glorified PR specialist­s. Thanks for reminding us that there are solutions that Washington is ignoring. Perhaps our city officials can figure out a way to put some of these ideas into action on a local scale while we wait for Washington to get its head out of the sand. After all, the counties are the ones losing tax revenue due to falling real estate values.
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“…Under the plan, after a home is foreclosed on, the homeowners would be given the option to stay in the house paying a fair market rent determined by an independent appraiser. ..”

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