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“I haven’t left the Republican Party. The Republican Party has left me.”

April 8, 2012

More Republicans leaving the party, or in this case, abandoned by the party.

To learn details, read his essay “Up from Conservatism”

James Stivers has been a Reagan Republican since 1976 – all of his adult life.  He has served as a district secretary and as a precinct committeeman in the Idaho Republican Party.  He ran as a candidate for the Idaho State Senate in 2010, but was steamrolled in a losing battle to prevent the Party from embracing a neo-Confederate ideology.
The two major political parties have completed their transposition: the Republicans now embrace the ideology of the antebellum South, while the Democrats have donned the mantle of Lincoln.
“It should become obvious to true Republicans that a return to Republican ‘roots’ means joining the Democrat Party.”
Even though he lost the race, James continues to spread the message of stewardship, freedom and prosperity through the Idaho Green Caucus.  The Idaho Green Caucus is an effort to promote within both political parties important aspects of the Green Party platform:

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  1. April 8, 2012 3:31 am

    Whatever the new militantly -obstructionist gang on the Far Right side of politics in Washington is, I can almost be assured it is not the party of Nixon, Reagan or Abraham Lincoln.

    The old GOP was noble and nobly constituted and it’s leadership was unquestionably reasonable, sane and cooperative and it’s members were both “Real” Americans and “Real” Patriots.

    I don’t think that any of the great Americans that I have referred to in this comment (Lincoln, Reagan or Nixon) could ever have passed muster with the modern crowd who claim the title “Republican” but who act like anything but!


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