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Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich won’t soon be forgotten

May 17, 2012

By Joy Freeman-Coulbary : – excerpt

n 2007, Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat, and Ron Paul, a Republican, were kindred spirits: Demure in size, but mighty in spirit, the congressmen were steadfast in their outsized battle to change American foreign policy as they sought the presidency.

“As the Democratic [presidential] nominee I’d consider Ron Paul as my running mate,” Kucinich said without hesitation during a 2007 interview with Free Minds TV.  “He and I agree tremendously on international policy. You might see a vote being 235 to 2 in Congress; you’ll know who the two are: Kucinich and Paul.”

Though successful in forging a friendly and admirable bipartisan bridge on issues of war and largely peace, neither was successful in their 2008 presidential bids. And now both men, who prided themselves on political integrity and purity, grass-roots base and a lack of corporate and lobbyist affiliations have been moved off the political stage, perhaps for good. Brimming with political will and spirit, but short on money, the two doves have flown into the proverbial political coop.


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