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Editorial: Delays kill jobs? The Democrats finally noticed

June 10, 2012 – excerpt

Gov. Jerry Brown wants to partially exempt his pet construction project, the bullet train, from California’s strict environmental laws. Why? The state needs the jobs, and he and other proponents don’t want to see lawsuits over technical arcana senselessly delay the project, especially as the state must break ground this year or lose federal money.

What? Time is money? Delay kills jobs? Paperwork and litigation are the enemy of progress?

It’s a miracle to hear such ideas floating around Sacramento, from Democrats no less. Now if only Brown and some like-minded leaders could apply it not just to their legacy public works, but to the average business that needs some breathing room to grow in our bureaucratically stifling state…

We’re not fans of the high-speed rail project — which seemed a costly speculative venture when the bonds were on the ballot in 2008 and is today a preposterous boondoggle. Walmart, for that matter, can stick up for itself…

But when an economy is suffering from painful stagnation, lacks business investment, and needs major infrastructure overhauls, it’s obviously time to rethink where we strike the balance…


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