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San Bernardino Eminent Domain Proposal Arousing Concern From Mortgage Industry

August 25, 2012

It appears the only solution government, bankers, and corporate entities accept is to pile on more public debt.

Many cities are trying to grab more money from the public by installing smart parking meters with apps to pay for them. They assume people will pay for anything with credit as long as it is easy. Some of us are smarter than that and are fighting back with facts.

Instead of fixing the aging Muni system in San Francisco, and making it work well for the public it claims to serve, SFMTA is throwing millions of dollars to PR firms to convince the world that we look good. We don’t want to look good. We want to be good. We don’t like parklets and the anti car attitude San Francisco is trying to push on all the other cities.

The green bicycle loving face of the SFMTA hides a pile of money and profits wealthy landowners and bankers are salivating over. As soon as digging on the controversial Central Subway project began, developers filed plans to develop the land above it. The Central Subway project is the most expensive of all rail projects considered by Congress this year and is guaranteed to pile on billions of dollars of public debt to move people less than two miles underground.

Join us in fighting parking meters before they move into your neighborhood.
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