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Location of proposed new Warriors arena would be an eye-sore

May 17, 2013

By: Glenn Dickey : – excerpt

n 1975, I advocated that San Francisco build an indoor arena in the area where the Moscone Center is now. The arena would have accommodated the Warriors and an NHL team. A commission appointed to study the plan voted it down by a one-vote margin.

So, the Warriors stayed in Oakland. The NHL team eventually wound up in San Jose, where it has thrived as the Sharks.

Now, new Warriors owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber are proposing to build a grand new arena on the Embarcadero; Lacob has taken the reins on this project, as he has with the team…

If you’re on the Embarcadero in daylight hours, you see people driving, walking, skate boarding, bicycling and just enjoying the beauty that is San Francisco Bay.

It makes no sense to ruin this by putting a huge structure there, especially since there are other spots in San Francisco, including two in nearby Mission Bay, where the structure would fit nicely.

A waterfront arena makes no sense, either, because anybody who has been driving on the Embarcadero in the 5-7 p.m. time knows that traffic comes almost to a stop at that time. If you add people coming to either games or concerts at that time … well, drop the almost… (more)

When pro-developer, Supervisor Wiener voices concerns over increasing traffic and transit on the Embarcadero you should consider the consequences. This is the first development project (that we are aware of) that he has questioned. Oakland should be doing more to keep the Warriors where they are. Can you build a better sound stage than the Oakland Coliseum? You cannot find a more appropriate place for a transit hub. Keep the Warriors there.

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