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Shopping Spree: Newspaper Magnates Within Days Of Closing Deal On Yet Another SF Publication

June 4, 2013

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Hot on the heels of the San Francisco Newspaper Company’s acquisition of the SF Weekly, two principals at the SFNC are within days of closing on an agreement to purchase 49% of venerable LGBTQ publication the Bay Area Reporter.

The SFNC presently owns the San Francisco Examiner,SF Weekly, and Bay Guardian – all bought since the SFNC’s formation in 2011.

In a letter of intent, inked in April, SFNC CEO Todd Vogt and CFO Patrick Brown made clear their plan to acquire a minority stake in the BAR – independently of the SFNC.

All that’s left to cement the deal is “dotting the “I”s and crossing the “T”s” – and that should happen within the 60 days, Brown told The Appeal. (When contacted by The Appeal, Vogt declined to discuss the deal on the record.).. (more)

Say goodbye to San Francisco as we know it. The artists, creatives, and dissidents that haven’t left, are packing. Some are cashing in on the way out, making way for Plan Bay Area.
What will the new “green world class city” be like, and who will be left to document the reconstruction of San Francisco, by state “infill” edict, into New York West?
What will draw tourists after the single family homes in the Eastern Neighborhoods with views of the Bay are replaced by highrise condos? Will a few random “historically significant” Victorians, Edwardians, and the faux Beaux Arts City Hall be spared as it is turned into the Disneyland of sports arenas? California’s Vegas without Hollywood style?

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