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The Best Presidential Address on Climate Change Ever

June 26, 2013

We heard Obama’s Climate Speech was only covered by the Weather station. How appropriate.

The real fight will be with the public utility companies who don’t what people buying solar panels. They are behind the push to force people into dense high-rise housing.

With today’s technology you can cover a four to five story building with enough solar panels to provide for their power usage, but buildings over five stories must depend on big power sources. The higher they go, the more energy buildings consume. Buildings consume over 50% of the energy now. Don’t believe the hype. The trend toward dense housing in cities only works for the big utility companies.
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Obama’s Climate Plan And Public Health ‘Cascade’ Of Carbon Consequences

…While Obama’s climate plan outlines efforts to train public health leaders to prepare communities for the health consequences, it leaves out some subtle effects of changes in temperature and moisture around the globe, such as the arrival of dengue and other tropical diseases in the U.S.

Luber highlighted one frightening fungal disease, formerly found only in the subtropics, now gaining a foothold in the Pacific Northwest. Cryptococcus gattii lives on the surface of tree bark in forested areas, posing particular risk to hikers.

“The fungus has found a new home,” said Luber, suggesting warming air and sea temperatures are among factors including global transportation that likely spurred the spread. “These are the type of surprises that we have to anticipate.”… (more)

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  1. June 26, 2013 11:29 am

    It’s useless if he’s on the wrong side, Which he is.


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