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Bay Area Agencies Push for Less Eco-Friendly Plan

June 27, 2013

By : eastbayexpress – excerpt
Two powerful regional agencies are moving forward with a housing and transportation plan that they admit is inferior to one backed by environmental and social justice groups.

Next month, two Bay Area agencies are scheduled to approve a sweeping plan that promises to shape housing and transportation in the region for a generation to come. The state legislature mandated that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) adopt such a plan as part of SB 375, a landmark 2008 law designed to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in California. In recent months, MTC and ABAG staffers identified a plan that they concluded is “environmentally superior” to four others under consideration. However, the agencies are instead currently moving forward with a less environmentally beneficial proposal that they produced…
The proposal that the agencies staffers admitted is the “environmentally superior” plan is known as the “Equity, Environment, and Jobs” (EEJ) alternative, and it was developed by a broad coalition of social-justice, environmental, and health organizations in the Bay Area. The coalition has gone by the name 6 Wins — named so for its focus on affordable housing, robust and affordable transit, investment in communities without displacement of low-income residents, healthy and safe communities, economic opportunity, and increased political power for local residents…  (more)

Plan Bay Area – A Shocking Theft Of Our Democracy

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