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Vote ‘no’ on OneBayArea plan

July 10, 2013


Bay Area Activists on all sides oppose this developer-driven Plan to urbanize our communities without allowing the citizens to vote on the plan. Plan Bay Area is the product of ABAG, an unelected body of appointees and has not been presented to the public for discussion or been covered by the media in a meaningful way. Link to the plan site with details, inlcuding:  Environment Impact Report 

KQED covers the story on Housing Controversy in Marin

A brief description of some of the options in each plan:


There has been little media attention on Plan Bay Area. One exception is Tim Redmond’s last Guardian article on “Planned Displacement”, that ran in the Guardian. According to the author, the unelected officials at ABAG admit they anticipate a vast shift in population to make way for their towers. The Chinatown subway is not being built for the current residents. The historic neighborhoods of Chinatown and the Mission are first in line to go. You can take those off your tourist maps, along with half the views in the city.

San Francisco has a broken infrastructure system that is barely able to keep up with demands now, and is in no way ready to expand fast enough to handle the hoards expected to fill the new high rise towers envisioned by ABAG, and supporters of rapid growth.

No one is talking about the dilapidated water and sewer lines in San Francisco, except the city water department personnel that are charged with explaining the rate hikes. These departments are in the process of replacing the ancient water and sewer lines, and planning a major new sewer system in Hunters Point. They  are not slated to start work on that for a number of years. If that project goes the way the Bay Bridge project went, it could take decades to finish.

Next we have the infamous Muni public transit system. The stated purpose of Plan Bay Area is to create dense housing and jobs along a public transit corridor to reduce CO2 emissions by eliminating cars. Even if you believe that hype, you can’t miss the fact that Muni is not keeping up with the demand now. They admit as much. Who thinks the SFMTA can serve more people when they can’t, by their own admission, handle the demand they have today?


Write letters to let your city officials know how you feel.

Additional regional contacts and a sample letter can be found here:

Sample letter with current SF Officials: VOTE NO letter

Stack and Pack Housing
Housing Controversy in Marin

LINKS: Plan Bay Area in a nutshell

The Swedish experiment ended badly:–By-Vivian-Warkentin

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