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It’s ‘let’s make a deal’ time for Darrell Steinberg in California Senate

August 18, 2013

By Dan Walters : – excerpt

Dan Walters will be a busy man for the next month as the central figure in what happens – or doesn’t happen – on the Legislature’s remaining major issues…

Steinberg is personally carrying several of the most contentious bills remaining on the Legislature’s agenda and is managing others through the process.

Steinberg’s personal bills include those that would punish charter cities that do not adopt “prevailing wages” for local public works projects (Senate Bill 7), re-energize the United Farm Workers union by making it easier to force agricultural employers into mediation (SB 25), revive local redevelopment programs with a new name (SB 1) and overhaul the California Environmental Quality Act (SB 731)…

He’s also personally carrying one (SB 374) of the more than two dozen pending gun control bills that Democratic legislators are pushing this year and appears to be coordinating the entire gun control push…

There are, of course, some pending issues in which Steinberg is not overtly involved, but they are, for the most part, bills that are residing in the Senate after Assembly passage, so he is automatically involved.

They include legislation to raise the state’s minimum wage (Assembly Bill 10), change how abusive teachers are disciplined (AB 375) and legalize “inclusive zoning” to compel developers to set aside rental units for low-income residents (AB 1229)… (more)




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