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Citizens plan protest in Marin – Saturday Sept 21st

September 17, 2013


WHEN: Saturday, September 21
WHERE: San Rafael Community Center
618 B Street, San Rafael, 94901
TIME:  5:00PM to  7:00PM

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Steinberg Authored SB375 (Plan Bay Area) & SB1 (Reinstatement of Redevelopment and New Definition of Blight)   We have an opportunity too good to pass up to protest Darrell Steinberg and his accomplices behind SB-1 at the upcoming Democratic Party Dinner in San Rafael on the evening of Saturday Sept 21st. This seems an opportunity too good to miss where we can alert politicians, media and citizens that there is strong opposition to Steinberg and his policies. Please RSVP to Richard Hall if you can attend.

Darrell Steinberg’s Senate Bill 1 (SB1) passed the State Assembly and is now in the State Senate until January 2014. If you thought Plan Bay Area was bad, you ain’t heard nothing yet as it unleashes a new set of unelected bodies like ABAG called “Sustainable Community Investment Authorities” that are empowered to finance eminent domain land purchases using taxpayers money so that suburban areas can be urbanized and “densified”.

Who Will Be There: 

  • Darrell Steinberg, California Senate Democratic Leader and Architect of SB1
  • Marc Levine, State Assemblyman, 10th district
  • Numerous high profile politicians involved in pushing Plan Bay Area, high density housing and

FORMAT The plan is to protest outside as dinner guests arrive and get dropped off / park their cars between 5pm and 6:30pm

 Show the name / logo  of your Bay Area City’s organization – “Orinda Watch”, “Palo Alto”… so the media can see people came from across the Bay.  Then use a comment to lodge your objection…

  • no high density housing
  • $cam Bay Area
  • Save Marin
  • no eminent domain seizures
  • stop green-washing senate bills
  • no streamlining CEQA

We know the opposition will try to undermine our messaging -please avoid giving the opposition angles that will diminish impact.  They will try to paint us as racist, elitists, and NIMBYs.  Please avoid any messaging that would give them ammunition to try to discredit our movement.

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