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Who knew? S.F. arena will be a wonder

October 19, 2013

by Scott Ostler : sfchronicle – excerpt

I had serious reservations about the Warriors’ plan for a new arena on the San Francisco waterfront.

Mayor Ed Lee made me see the light. Or the torch.

Lee, trying to help small-minded people like me expand our vision, recently said, “New York has the Statue of Liberty, now we’re going to have our arena. It’s going to have the same kind of impact, drawing in hundreds of thousands of people to appreciate the waterfront.”…

The Statue of Liberty is the first thing seen by immigrants sailing into New York Harbor. Why should the Warriors’ new arena suck hind teat, as the expression goes, to the Golden Gate Bridge?

Build the new arena on the other side of the Golden Gate. Seal Rocks seems like a perfect spot. Wait till the immigrants catch sight of that baby shining through the fog! There won’t be a dry eye on the boat… (more)

Governor Brown just signed Steinberg’s SB 743 making it easier to build sports arenas.

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