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What’s the Big Idea? Debating the Future of a Great Urban Park

January 8, 2014

: huffingtonpost – excerpt

America’s 21st century urban parks have the ability to be transformational; and when a design embraces the unique qualities of a given site, it can deepen the public’s understanding and value of our shared landscape heritage, something we’ve already seen with visionary works like New York’s High Line. This is an exciting time for landscape architects, urban planners, building architects, municipal officials and other professionals involved with urban parks – they’re being challenged and inspired to be more innovative, think more holistically and delve more deeply, for example, into the interplay between natural and cultural systems. But, this is more than just which cities will create their own High Lines, this is about being inspirational, entrepreneurial, resourceful, site-sensitive and visionary.

That’s why the current, rather frothy debate about proposed development at Crissy Field in the Presidio at San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which arguably ranks in significance with New York’s Central Park and Washington, DC’s National Mall, deserves more national attention. This land holding, established in 1972, is one of the nation’s largest urban parks, greets more than 16 million people annually, and is overseen by an exemplary public-private partnership of the National Park Service (NPS), the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (“the Conservancy”) and the Presidio Trust (“the Trust”). Representative Nancy Pelosi calls it “one of our nation’s great natural treasures.” And, as I’ve written previously, it’s the locus of several recently completed, stellar examples of inspired, site-sensitive projects… (more)


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