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Time for the Giants to play ball on Prop. B

April 6, 2014

Art Agnos and Quentin Kopp : sfgate – excerpt

Now that a judge has ruled Proposition B – the Waterfront Height Limit Right to Vote Initiative – will remain on the June ballot, it’s the right time for the San Francisco Giants to drop their opposition to this commonsense ballot measure…

Proposition B would simply require that, before the existing waterfront height limits along the 7 1/2 miles of Port of San Francisco property stretching from Fisherman’s Wharf to Bayview Hunters Point can be increased, the voters must approve the changes. The rest of the city’s planning process would stay the same. In exactly the same fashion as the Giants’ ballpark was conceived, shaped and put before the people, Prop. B would encourage prospective waterfront developers, the Port Commission and politicians at City Hall to only propose tall buildings along the waterfront if those projects will make sense to the voters. Currently, the system is one that excludes the public and allows the kind of backroom deals and rubber-stamping that led to the City Hall approval of the 8 Washington luxury condo towers deal, only to be rejected by two-thirds of San Francisco voters last fall. We don’t need more 8 Washington schemes.

We note that the Warriors and Forest City Development, which propose two waterfront projects requiring voter approval under Proposition B, publicly state that they are not opposed to Proposition B. The Giants should not fear San Francisco voters. Instead, they should join the Sierra Club, the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods and so many San Franciscans who will be voting Yes on Proposition B this June. Let’s work together to win one for our waterfront… (more)


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