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Central Subway project cooks the books

April 11, 2014

by district5diary : (Covering Their Tracks) in the SF Weekly – excerpt

LaVonda Atkinson laughs bitterly, shakes her head, and grins. “Your article”—the article you’re now reading—“is gonna get me fired.” It is, after all, dangerous to stand in the path of a train. That’s especially so in the case of Muni’s long-gestating Central Subway project: a $1.6 billion, 1.7-mile extension to Chinatown and eventually, if vocal civic boosters get their way, along to Fisherman’s Wharf for millions, if not billions, more. The Central Subway is a transit line. But it’s also a monument to the coercive role of politics in the realm of transit planning. It’s a pet project of the city’s most powerful influence-peddlers, virtually every electable politician, and our federal representatives in Washington, D.C., disseminating largesse back to the home front. Atkinson is the project’s cost engineer. It’s her job to ensure the numbers add up. They don’t.

Not surprising that the folks building the Central Subway are cooking the books as they go along, since Save Muni—not cited in the article—has been documenting the project’s many problems and deceptions from the start. It’s an obviously flawed oversight approach that makes the project’s cost engineer risk getting fired for blowing the whistle or have to go along with a dishonest practice…

The prose in the Weekly story reads like a teenager’s first attempt at writing—or “Writing”—for the school paper. Muni doesn’t “sign” a contract; it “inks” it. Muni didn’t “buy” or just “get” a computer program; it “acquired” it. The feds don’t just “read” contracts; they “peruse” them. “Prior” is chosen instead of “before,” and “subsequent” gets used before “after.” A schedule is not “completed”; it has to be “finalized.” There are “myriad” line items, when “many” would have been enough. A mere “letter” is transformed into a “missive.” And “luxuriate” is used incorrectly instead of “linger.”
The SF Weekly deserves credit for opposing the Central Project early on.

Of course the Board of Lemmings unanimously supports the Central Subway project… (more)


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  1. holeshothunter permalink
    April 12, 2014 8:56 am

    EVERY agency of our corrupt government cooks the books.
    They all lie. Lee lied the worst in sf…so far., That’s Rich, isn’t it?!


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