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Ed Lee on ‘Forum’: Tech Workers Have the Same Issues as Everyone Else

April 23, 2014

Newsfix : KQED – excerpt

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a lot of tension in San Francisco these days. Some might call it “a culture war,” others “gentrification” and still others “a housing crisis.” Or if you are Mayor Ed Lee, you may refer to the change in San Francisco simply as “growth.”

KQED’s “Forum” had the mayor on for an entire hour Monday morning. Even so, reams of listener questions went unanswered for lack of time. But the mayor did speak about housing, the Ellis Act, Proposition B, minimum wage, schools and Sunday parking, to name just a few issues. Here are highlights from the interview, edited for clarity and length. You can listen to the show in full here:

Subjects covered:

  • On Rolling Back Metered Parking on Sundays
  • In Defense of Tech Workers
  • Response to Complaints That Direct Action Was Not Taken Against Tech Buses
  • On Closing Ellis Act Loopholes and Senate Bill 1439
  • On Not Taking a Position on Proposition B
  • On Supporting a Minimum Wage Increase to $15 an Hour
  • On Students Leaving San Francisco Unified School District for Private Schools
  • On Bringing African Americans Back to San Francisco
  • In Response to Caller Who Says Muni is the Worst It’s Been in 22 Years

“Why don’t I make you a promise that I’ll ride those Muni lines myself so that I can get the experience you have. I do agree with you that this city has got to be a lot more civil at every aspect. And I can’t agree with you more that if we’re going to invite more people to use the public transportation system we’ve got to get an acceptable standard, kind of like when you’re riding on BART. I think there’s an instant respect. There are incidents that occur, but I think people do have to respect each other and I’m going to make sure that happens… (more)


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