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10 Great Reasons to Vote in this Primary — Voter Guide

May 10, 2014

by Laura Wells : laurawells – excerpt

Voting via absentee ballots starts now! Voting in person happens on June 3, 2014. Here are 10 great reasons to cast your vote. Please forward widely.

Reason 1:  No Corporate Money candidates are on the ballot now — see the Voter Guide at the end.

Reason 2:  The 1% and their corporations do NOT want you to vote. How do we know voting is powerful? Because those who concentrate power and wealth in their own hands do everything possible — legally and psychologically — to discourage us from voting. They want the power, and they know 99% beats 1% every time. Defy them. Practice “electoral disobedience.”

Reason 3: The 1% want you to vote for their candidates. Taking corporate campaign money is the first line a candidate crosses, and after that, they have to toe the 1% line. An estimated 99.9% of conventional candidates accept corporate and developer money. If they win, you don’t.

Reason 4: The Supreme Court made it legal for “corporate persons” to spend as much money as they want, as “free speech.” The Supreme Court did NOT make it illegal to REPLACE corporate candidates with no-corporate-money candidates.

Reason 5: California’s new “Top Two” Primary is awful except for one thing: any voter can vote for any candidate regardless of political party! So, vote No Corporate Money. If we don’t want a government controlled by corporations, why vote for corporate-financed candidates?

Reason 6: Richmond, California proves that voting no-corporate-money makes a difference. A great election in Richmond was 2010 when Chevron, the biggest corporation in California, put a million dollars into three races, and lost, lost, and lost. Even without a majority on the city council, they’ve gone up against Chevron and the Wall Street banks. See If our government and media told the truth about Venezuela and other Latin American countries (instead of trying to “ignorate” us), we would trust that when people begin to vote — especially the young and impoverished — it makes a big difference. See

Reason 7: If you care about vital issues — like the environment, education, economy, health, housing, jobs, justice, and peace — vote for candidates who do not owe the 1% favors, and who are free to champion the solutions we know exist, not squash them with half-measures and good excuses. If you care about system change — such as electoral and campaign reform — don’t expect the current crop of elected officials to change things to suit you. That’s “not their job” given who paid to get them in office.

Reason 8: It takes very little time — a few hours every year. Especially if you only vote for No Corporate Money candidates! If you don’t like to vote very much, then don’t vote in races that only have corporate-financed candidates.

Reason 9: In these times, it is important to use every bit of power you have. Make great individual choices for a healthy you and a healthy world; organize locally to build strong communities; do whatever you can to build powerful social movements; and vote no-corporate-money in every election. Use your wallet power, street power, ballot power.

Reason 10: Vote because there’s still hope. There’s hope that things can get better — not worse every four years no matter which of the corporate political parties is in power. California now has the highest poverty rate, right alongside the highest number of super-rich individuals, and still there’s hope. We do have the power to change California for the better, and lead the way in the USA.


If the corporate-financed candidates win, you don’t. The following candidates take no corporate money and can make a great difference. Just as in Richmond, they will champion real people and real solutions.

Statewide No-Corporate-Money Candidates

Luis Rodriguez, Governor
Cindy Sheehan, Governor

Jena Goodman, Lt. Governor
Amos Johnson, Lt. Governor

David Curtis, Secretary of State

Laura Wells, Controller

Ellen Brown, Treasurer

Nathalie Hrizi, Insurance Commissioner

Congressional No-Corporate-Money Candidates

Barry Hermanson, District 12 (SF)
Frank Lara, District 12 (SF)

Eugene Ruyle, District 15 (East Bay)

Michael Powelson, District 30 (LA)

Ian Sachs, District 33 (LA)
Marianne Williamson, District 33 (LA)

Howard Johnson, District 34 (LA)

California Legislature No-Corporate-Money Candidates

Jack Lindblad, State Senate (LA)

Pamela Elizondo, State Assembly, District 2 (North Counties)

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