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App outrage over San Francisco start-ups

July 15, 2014

By Christina Medici Scolaro and Mark Berniker : CNBC – excerpt

There’s finally a way in to the trendy restaurant that’s been booked for months, but it’ll cost you.

Reservation Hop is an app that makes restaurant reservations under false names and then sells them for $10 to $12. It’s also at the center of a huge debate, and one writer at Wired magazine has called the app “irresponsible and sleazy.”

Reservation Hop is igniting outrage because the company is trying to make money off of something that’s free: making a dinner reservation. If people don’t show up for their Reservation Hop, then restaurants lose out on the money that they could make if they gave the table to another customer…

“I think these apps are really taking advantage of the market place. They’re giving incentives and advantages to the rich people,” said Jill Duffy, analyst at PC 

Duffy suggests the city of San Francisco issue a challenge to developers to make apps that solve problems for the users. More competition among developers leads to more solutions… (Can they build an app that creates more physical parking spaces? That is what the voters will be voting on in November.)

Finally, people should speak with their wallets, don’t use these services if you don’t believe in them, Duffy said… (more)


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