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Landlords Sue SF Over Plan To Increase Relocation Payments For Displaced Tenants

July 27, 2014

Daniel and Maria Levi : sfappeal – excerpt

Property owners, landlord groups and their attorney announced a lawsuit this morning against a new San Francisco law that bumps up relocation assistance payments owed to tenants evicted under the state’s Ellis Act.

California’s 1985 Ellis Act allows landlords to remove rental units from the market and evict the tenants who occupied them. It also allows cities to take measures to mitigate the impact on tenants.

This spring, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a revised ordinance authored by Supervisor David Campos to increase the payments landlords must provide to tenants evicted under the state law.

The new measure, which went into effect June 1, requires landlords to pay an amount equal to the difference between the tenant’s current rent and the cost of comparable housing in the city for two years.

Campos created the legislation to address issues with property owners using the Ellis Act to evict rent-controlled tenants from their homes to repurpose the building as condominiums or sell the building for a profit.

The lawsuit filed today in federal court claims that the new law “flagrantly violates” constitutional property rights, said Pacific Legal Foundation attorney J. David Breemer, who is representing the plaintiffs.

Breemer and the lawsuit’s plaintiffs spoke at a news conference outside the Phillip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco this morning after filing the suit…. (more)

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