Life just got a whole lot tougher for Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell (R)

Alaska Democrats have done something remarkable—and probably unprecedented—in their quest to defeat Republican Gov. Sean Parnell this year. On Monday, the state party voted overwhelmingly to support Republican-turned-independent Bill Walker’s campaign for governor, with Democratic nominee Byron Mallot dropping down to run for lieutenant governor on a highly unusual fusion ticket with Walker.Walker has agreed to drop his GOP registration, and Mallot will also run as an independent (though he’ll keep his party affiliation), meaning that Democrats won’t formally field candidates in either race. (The two posts are nominated separately but run together in the general, so Democrat Hollis French also had to consent to giving up his bid for the second slot, as did Walker’s original running mate.) But the move, which followed extensive negotiations, actually gives the party a much better chance at unseating the unpopular Parnell… (more)

This sounds like what happened in Florida. Former Republican Governor Christ switched sides to run against his Republican rival. The top two parties are losing their base support. They must depend on independents now, which means compromise is coming.

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