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City Hall is in dire need of some fresh air

September 30, 2014

By sfexaminer – excerpt

I love walking into City Hall. My spirit lifts as I approach that sparkling dome, gleaming with promise, making every other building in its shadow seem half-asleep. Striding up the broad-shouldered Polk Street steps, I think about how they have been host to thousands of protests, celebrations, announcements, civic gatherings over the years, with one sometimes underway as I pass by…

But then, after I head up the grand staircase and walk past the hopeful Harvey Milk sculpture to the second floor — where the real business of City Hall gets done — that’s where the bright glow of “The People’s House” slowly, but inexorably, starts to fade away these days. Because now, more than ever, City Hall seriously needs some fresh air…

I still love walking into City Hall. But we need a fresh breeze to blow through and cut the stale air that makes it all too easy for public officials to dismiss independent voices like the civil grand jury and continue with the business-as-usual that is turning San Francisco into such an unaffordable and inhospitable city.

City Hall needs to again live up to the promise of the place, captured in words by former Mayor Edward Robeson Taylor and carved into stone high in the rotunda, calling out to all who look up: “San Francisco, O glorious city of our hearts that hast been tried and not found wanting, go thou with like spirit to make the future thine.”… (more)

San Francisco is inhospitable, downright rude and obnoxious. We would love to see her turn back into her glorious benevolent, generous old self.

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