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Soda Tax Liberals and the Conservatives

October 18, 2014

 : opednews – excerpt

The political geniuses of San Francisco have an idea. They want to put a two-cent-an-ounce tax on soda. Their reasoning, if you can grace it with that description, is that soda is toxic and bad for the people.

They’re half right. Soft drinks won’t be the death of America, but the soda tax will help kill the hope of America: Liberalism.

Once upon a not so distant time, when you asked Americans their political philosophy, most of them called themselves liberals. Now the number of self-described liberals in America is down to about 20 percent.

Liberals have a proud history. For a hundred years and more, from woman’s suffrage to gay marriage, liberalism has moved the nation forward, towards justice, towards equality. Yet the liberal brand stinks on ice.

Can you blame the soda tax for that? Of course not; white resentment, right-wing demagoguery and various other pathologies all contributed to the decline of liberalism. The soda tax isn’t the cause, but it’s a perfect symptom of what’s gone wrong.

Sometimes it looks like everything liberals do to help the people costs the people money. Soda taxes and grocery bag tariffs, extortionate parking meters and pay-to-play toll roads, the list of trivial annoyances goes on and on. And people notice.

What is it about otherwise sensible, normal folks that drives them to the Tea Party? They are tired of being messed with(more)



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