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Dreamforce and OpenWorld may be fun for attendees, but for SF residents, it’s tech money run amok

October 20, 2014

by Carmel DeAmicis : gigaom -excerpt

Now that and Oracle have released their grip on downtown SF, let’s take a moment to marvel at the tech excess of their outdoor conference arenas.

Man, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for anyone living or working in downtown San Francisco. I do both, and let me tell you, Oracle and are both on my sh*t list.

The two companies, in quick succession, rented out an entire city block in front of Moscone Center in traffic-heavy downtown San Francisco for their conferences. They turned Howard Street between Fourth Street and Third into little tech conference cities, even going so far as to carpet the road – in turf green for Dreamforce, Oracle red for OpenWorld. They set up giant swaths of comfy chairs and lounge chaises under umbrellas, and permanent enclosures for shade facing large screens.

It’s an ongoing tradition, a few years in the running. And it’s the tradition from hell… (more)

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