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Culture Clash: Bros Attempt to Kick Kids Off Mission Soccer Field

November 2, 2014

By Jack Morse : uptownalmanac – excerpt – (video)

In what has to be the most literal analogy possible for gentrification in the Mission, a video from two weeks ago depicts a conflict over who has the right to play on the soccer field at Mission Playground (located off Valencia between 19th and 20th). In the video, a group of adults attempt to kick a bunch of young people playing a pick-up game off the field because said adults had previously paid for the time slot via “an experiment with new mobile app technology” (or something).

The following exchange seems to sum up the disagreement best:

Guy Already Playing on Field: You don’t understand— this field has never been booked. How long have you been in the neighborhood?
Bro: Over a year!
GAPOF: Oh, over a year?
Off Camera Guy in Dropbox Tee-Shirt: Who gives a shit? Who cares about the neighborhood?… (more)

Wow! I had not seen the video, only read the story. It is ironic that the citizens of San Francisco are voting on a soccer field issue this week. Both involve money and the privatization of public parks.

This video illustrates the awkward position people are finding themselves in now. New rules are being drafted by agency staff in a number of departments and passed by their Boards without any public scrutiny or discourse, and not much oversight by the boards. They TRUST their staff to DO THE RIGHT THING.

No one knows anything about the new rules and regulations until they are confronted by one. A new video was just posted that depicts the manner in which new legislation is going through without public notice.

This investigation into SFMTA staff methods is indicative of how other departments are operating under the public radar. Watch it and learn.…

Planning Department staff are hard at work on “simplifying and clarifying” land use issues and definitions that could have major city-wide implications. So far only a handful of citizens are scrutinizing these plans.

Fortunately, what is left of the independent media is just starting to investigate. Public Press and SFWeekly are looking into the Article 2 Amendments here: and

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