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Drought: Valuable 100-Year-Old Water Rights Could Make Some East Bay Cities Rich

November 17, 2014

By Ann Notarangelo : KPIX – excerpt – (video)

ANTIOCH — Every day without rain adds to the uncertainty about California’s water supply, but old state laws have one part of the Bay Area an edge.

City leaders in Antioch hope to capitalize on decisions made 100 years ago.

Jerry Tennant is a third generation walnut farmer. He is passing along his expertise to his son Jason, along with some very valuable water rights.

“Water rights are basically property rights,” said Tennant.

And the water rights his farm, Houston Orchards, date back to before 1914.

“When a lot of these rights were granted in the early 1900′s, or before, [when] there was an unlimited supply of water,” explains Tennant. “Whoever was filling out these forms for water rights said ‘Yeah, sure, give them what they want.’”…

Those rights have been challenged over the years, but don’t expect them to go away (more)

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  1. holeshothunter permalink
    November 18, 2014 12:30 am

    EACH tree nut costs one gallon of water to grow. Same thing with almonds. The water was divvied up when there was enough.


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