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Contra Costa County Supervisors To Reconsider Pay Hike–After Community Revolts!

January 9, 2015

By Stephen Frank: capoliticalreview – excerpt

Think you could vote yourself a 33% raise? If you were an office holder you could. In Contra Costa County the Board of Supervisors did just that and it created a political miracle. Republican and Democrats Socialists and Tea Party member, business leaders and union folks have been united. They created a referendum to overturn the abuse of power by four of the Supervisors (Supervisor Anderson voted against this outrage) and getting signatures was going to be very easy.

One supervisor, Mary Peipho was thinking of running for State Senate, as a “Republican” in a special election. This vote assures her defeat if she attempts to make the run. Importantly this increase shows the arrogance of some office holders. It is time to retire those that think of themselves rather than the public.

“The workers in this county who have made sacrifices for the past seven years have reason to be outraged,” said Local 1 general manager, Peter Nguyen, at a rally on Friday. “We answered the call. The most we got was 4 percent. Then the supervisors stepped to the front of the line.”…

Contra Costa County Supervisors To Reconsider Pay Hike

California County News, 1/7/15

In the face of mounting opposition, Contra Costa County supervisors appear poised to rescind a 33 percent pay raise that they approved for themselves last year.

On Tuesday, incoming Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors chairman John Gioia said he would place the item on the Jan. 13 agenda. Two other members, Chairwoman Karen Mitchoff and Supervisor Candace Andersen–the lone dissenter in last year’s vote–have already said they would vote to rescind the increase.

Just days before the announcement, county union employees submitted nearly 40,000 signatures to the clerk of the board on petitions calling for a referendum on the pay hike. For a referendum to be successful, 25,400 valid signatures are needed… (more)

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