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Use this map to explore Airbnb’s takeover of New York City

February 11, 2015

By Josh Dzieza : theverge : excerpt

One-third of listings are run by hosts with multiple properties

When Airbnb got taken to task by the New York City Council last month, one of the key points of contention was who exactly uses Airbnb and how they’re using it. Airbnb maintained that it’s used by New Yorkers renting out rooms on occasion; councilmembers said it was used by illegal hoteliers, renting out multiple apartments on a rolling basis, diminishing the available housing stock and raising rents. The City Council demanded user data, and Airbnb refused.

Now the activist Murray Cox has put together an interactive map of Airbnb listings using data from the site. It shows a city dense with apartments that are “highly available,” which Cox defines as open for renting for 60 days of the year or more. Eighty-four percent of the full-apartment listings on the site are highly available. Furthermore, 29.3 percent of listings are run by hosts with multiple properties.

Previously, the best data on Airbnb use in New York came from an Attorney General report released in October, based on information subpoenaed from the company. It found that nearly 2,000 units were rented for more than half the year in 2013, and that Airbnb was dominated by super-users — 6 percent of hosts managed three or more properties and accounted for 37 percent of host revenue… (more)

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