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SF housing protests get personal as another Googler is confronted at home

February 27, 2015

by : arstechnica – excerpt

Protest is the third in recent months to target a Google employee.

There’s an undeniable second boom underway in the tech sector, and the consequences, both positive and negative, are rippling throughout the San Francisco Bay Area with special force.

Protests focused on the negative effects of tech companies have become increasingly common in recent months, and they’re getting personal. This morning, protestors who say they’re being evicted by a Google lawyer protested in front of the property he owns.

It’s the third gathering to target a specific Google employee. In January, protestors showed up at the Berkeley home of a Google engineer who had done work on self-driving cars. Earlier this week, protestors gathered at the Potrero Hill home of Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose, holding posters calling Rose a “parasite.”

The building at 812 Guerrero Street in San Francisco is where Jack Halprin, a lawyer who handles e-discovery for Google, lives. It’s also a building that houses six other tenants who Halprin recently initiated evictions against.

That caused a small group of protestors to gather at the property this morning, decrying Halprin’s actions.

“Jack Halprin, a lawyer for Google, displaced two of my friends out of this building,” said a bullhorn-wielding protestor whose statements were videotaped by a reporter for SF blog Mission Local. “One of them had a child. The other had to move out of the area. Continuing on—not satisfied, he Ellis Acted everyone else. What was once a community of friends has become a piece of property to be traded and sold for money.”

A small crowd gathered in front of the building, holding signs and chanting for several minutes. “7 Families Evicted for 1 Google Lawyer,” read one sign.

“He is so fake, he had this plan all along,” Claudia Tirado, one of Halprin’s tenants, told Mission Local. Tirado, a third grade teacher and mother, has lived in the building for eight years. “He bought it with a partner taking two flats, now he’s taking all seven.”… (more)


Google’s Expansion Causing Excitement, Worry in Mountain View

New expansion plans for Google headquarters, known as the Googleplex, has the city of Mountain View in a tough position as city leaders try to accommodate their biggest corporate taxpayer as well as non-Google residents who feel the tech giant is swallowing their town.

“I think most of us in Mountain View are concerned about where are we going to house the employees that work there, the new employees. How will they get to work given the traffic bottlenecks that already exist?” asked Mountain View councilman Lenny Siegel… (more)


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  1. holeshothunter permalink
    February 27, 2015 5:09 pm

    Don’t protest feebly and succeed in nothing.


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