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Playing Red Light, Green Light With Citizens

March 17, 2015


220px-Modern_British_LED_Traffic_LightBelow is today’s column in USA Today. The column was actually written after I went to Chicago for Christmas and experienced firsthand the speed traps created by the city to trap drivers. My home town is a case study of the twisted logic that goes into fleecing citizens. Chicagoans are paying the highest cost for parking in the nation after outgoing mayor Richard Daley Jr. signed away a 99-year-lease to all city meters (and later accepted a job with the firm that negotiated the deal).

Illinois also has the second highest property tax rates in the country; the highest cell phone taxes in the country; and the highest restaurant taxes of any major city. Even if you try to flee the city taxes, you are hit with the nation’s highest airport parking fees in the country.
To put it simply, citizens are tapped out. Instead of raising taxes further, the…

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  1. a curious retiree permalink
    March 17, 2015 5:29 pm

    I have been trying to understand a philosophical mystery. In this technological hub of the western world, and birth place of high speed computing, Why has no gee whiz Stanford genius figure out a dozen ways to flick intrusive cameras away like flies. especially now that they are being used for phishing by skip tracers and anyone else who has a desire to. I must needs protect myself and my papers and effects from the dangers generated by such illegal use of cameras.


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