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Supes explore increased regulations on Airbnb and Leap

March 25, 2015

By sfexaminer – excerpt

San Francisco’s booming technology industry is keeping business regulation at the forefront of the Board of Supervisors’ political debates.

One supervisor on Tuesday introduced legislation that would increase regulations on Airbnb. Another called for a hearing exploring the need to regulate Leap.

This month, high-ranking planning officials told a Board of Supervisors committee they couldn’t enforce the short-term rental law without changes to the regulations. The comments came just one month after the so-called Airbnb law went into effect.

On Tuesday, Supervisor David Campos introduced legislation he said would address the enforcement challenges expressed by the planning officials with a set of five new requirements.

Campos’ return to the short-term rental debate comes as there’s also an effort underway to place a measure on the November ballot that would impose stricter controls on short-term rentals.

“The fact is that unless we are able to enforce the laws we pass, the laws [are] becoming meaningless,” Campos said. “That is exactly what has happened to the Airbnb law.”

The proposal for increased regulation incorporates pretty much all of the ideas that were scrapped during the contentious debate last year over legalizing short-term rentals… (more)

And let’s not forget the efforts underway in Sacramento to overturn everything our local politicians do to attempt some regulatory enforcement. A list of bills: and contacts:

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