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Major political parties lose members in California –Independents Continue to Grow

April 3, 2015

By Stephen Frank : capoliticalreview – excerpt

Is there any reason to register as a Republican or Democrat? Why register as a Peace and Freedom Party member when you know that NONE of your candidates will be on the November General Election Ballot. In both 2014 and 2012 (when you include special elections) there were 28 legislative districts with only ONE POLITICAL PARTY on the ballot. Your choice is conservative or more conservative—or in Democrat districts who hates freedom and families more—who is more of a socialist?

The GOP is down to 28%, Democrats down to 43% and Decline to State is up to 24%. Add to this the new law allowing same day as the election registration and you can imagine why 2016 will be a low turn out election. The 2014 election had the lowest primary and general election turnout in California history… (more)

Many people blame the exodus from the two parties on the growing economic divide,  We will list all the candidates and in our effort to inform the public about all their options. Stay tuned.

Ron Conway, San Francisco’s Tech Kingmaker, Quietly Attends Jeb Bush Fundraiser
Top SF money man shows his stripes, hedges his bets.

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