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Giants tee up project for November ballot, setting up S.F.’s next big waterfront battle

May 3, 2015

By Cory Weinberg : SFBusinesstimesexcerpt

All eyes may be on the messy dust-up over the Golden State Warriors’ proposed Mission Bay arena, but another land-use skirmish starring a different Bay Area sport team will soon take place five blocks north of the basketball team’s site.

The San Francisco Giants are expected to announce soon that they will seek voters’ approval on the November ballot for a 24-acre project called Mission Rock, multiple people in the discussions said.

The project creates a new neighborhood by adding about 10 apartment buildings and office buildings, some of which could rise to 280 feet. Mission Rock, which will sit on Seawall Lot 337 and Pier 48, will also include retail, parks and the Anchor Steam Brewing Co. Now the property is vacant.

Because of last year’s Proposition B, the Giants must get voter approval to build taller than 105 feet on the 24-acre waterfront site. The land is owned by the Port of San Francisco, but leased to the team.

Supervisor Jane Kim, who represents Mission Bay, said she met with Giants officials last week about the team’s plans to go to the ballot this fall. Art Agnos, the former San Francisco mayor who has become a powerbroker over waterfront development, echoed that he was told the team will seek voter approval in November…

Kim said she wouldn’t support the project – which sits on public land – under the current proposal in part because the team wouldn’t price one-third of the residential units as affordable for low-income renters.

“I was stunned,” Kim said. “There was very little detail, and (there was) an assumption of support….I was surprised they didn’t come to us for more feedback on the site of what we want to see. They haven’t done outreach besides to a core group of residents.”

A February poll conducted of registered San Francisco voters by David Binder and Associates – and paid for by the affordable housing advocacy group TODCO – found a majority opposed to the project unless it includes one-third of the housing units as affordable. Under that scenario, a plurality of voters would approve the project, the poll found… (more)

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