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New Single Family Home Renters with Wall Street Landlords.

May 14, 2015

tenantstogether – excerpt

This year multinational landlords in the single-family home rental industry said they plan to raise rents. David Singelyn, chief executive officer of American Homes 4 Rent, nationally the largest publicly traded single-family landlord, with about 35,000 homes has said, “In the 2015 rental season, we’re really seeing the ability to move rents.” Many American renters are already extremely burdened when it comes to housing costs, with about 25% nationally paying more than half their monthly income toward housing.

On May 12th 2015 Tenants Together is releasing a report on the experience of tenants renting single-family homes from the three biggest Wall Street landlords in the state: Blackstone/Invitation Homes, Waypoint Homes, and Colony American Homes. Major findings include: Wall Street landlords charge higher than area median rents. Many tenants are performing their own maintenance and repairs, with 40% of tenants reporting that they made repairs to the home themselves, and 80% reporting that they pay for yard maintenance.

The report includes policy recommendations and ways we can take action. Now more than ever we need to protect tenants and our communities against a changing landscape of consolidation of the housing market and rising rents.

(with maps from the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project)… (more)
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  1. holeshothunter permalink
    May 15, 2015 12:59 pm

    We need Rent Control Laws, don’t we? But why bother? We’re prisoners here regardless of the “laws”.


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