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The Agenda, May 26-31: Round One in the Mission Moratorium battle

May 26, 2015

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Democratic Party will debate the issue; expect fireworks. Plus: Public hearings are part of civic life. Get used to it. By Tim Redmond MAY 26, 2015 – So now even that radical left-wing rag The Wall Street Journal has weighed in on the housing crisis in major US cities, mostly NY and SF, and concluded, in part, that too much luxury housing has an impact on existing rents and “is adding to the rent squeeze.”

The Journal isn’t exactly calling for a limit to new high-end housing, but the paper has helped identify the problem.

And it’s a critical time: The proposal for a moratorium on luxury housing is heading for a huge, high-stakes showdown at the Board of Supervisors June 2. Sup. David Campos, the sponsor, convinced his colleagues that the item should be heard by a Committee of the Whole, meaning all 11 supes will hear what should be hours of testimony for and against the idea before voting on it.

In the meantime, we will get a preview of the arguments, and the organizing, Wed/27 when the proposal comes before the Democratic County Central Committee. Already, the emails out of SFBARF and GROW SF, two groups that want to build as much dense housing as possible, with no regard for the price, in the desperate hope that eventually prices will come down (we should live so long), are pumping up the DCCC meeting and urging opponents of the Campos plan to attend and speak.

And there will likely be a huge turnout from the Mission, where the often disparate groups of merchants, tenants, and community groups seem to be in remarkable agreement on this one.

In fact, there’s a growing sense in the Bayview that the Mission Moratorium ought to extend to other parts of town.  So there may be some folks from that neighborhood coming out to speak.

The DCCC vote won’t have any direct impact on the supes – but if the panel supports the Campos plan, it will be a big boost to the organizing efforts. And some people who so far have been able to stand on the sidelines on this one – like Assemblymembers David Chiu and Phil Ting and state Sen. Mark Leno – will have to either abstain (and look like they are ducking) or take a stand.

Also on the DCCC agenda: Early endorsements of City Attorney Dennis Herrera, District Attorney George Gascon, and Treasurer Jose Cisneros (clearly a response to the unnecessary early endorsement of the mayor) – and a 15-minute Q and A with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

The meeting starts at 7 pm, 455 Golden Gate Avenue…(more)

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  1. May 26, 2015 1:55 am

    Reblogged this on Grassroots Actions.


  2. holeshothunter permalink
    May 26, 2015 10:44 am

    Wall street journal? There is not liberal bone within a mile of their building.


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