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If you thought Sydney’s housing was bad, here’s what’s going on in San Francisco right now

June 10, 2015

By Biz Carson : businessinsider – excerpt

For nearly eight hours last week, residents of San Francisco’s Mission district stood in line and begged for a chance to save their neighbourhood from the wave of tech-gentrification they believe is pricing them out.

In the end, the Board of Supervisors failed to approve a 45-day moratorium that would have paused development of new, high-priced apartments and condos in the Mission.

The city’s Board took up another set of highly-charged housing concerns on Tuesday: what to do about short term rentals, such as those popularised by online service Airbnb. 

This time, the city ended up punting for a month.

San Francisco is the country’s center of innovation, but it is completely stalled over how to handle its housing crisis. Even at a small level, the city is still unsure how to regulate short-term rentals. The planning department deemed last fall’s legislation a failure and unenforceable. Of the thousands of units available to rent on Airbnb, only 282 have successfully registered with the city as of May 1.

Meanwhile, rents continue to be at an all time high. Zillow lists the average rental around $US4,225 per month, but because this is San Francisco, even that figure is hotly contested.

In the Mission neighbourhood where I live, I personally budget seven parking tickets a month instead of paying for a parking space — not that I can find one on Craigslist anyway. The waitlist for the garage behind my house is a year-and-half for the $US350-a-month spots. The murals down the street from me include an eviction map. How’s that for culture… (more)

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