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Tenants gather in the rain to halt eviction attempt

June 11, 2015

By Khaled Sayed : 48hills – excerpt

Google lawyer throwing out disabled tenant; activists vow to blockade sheriff’s deputies when they arrive

Supporters of a disabled tenant block the stairs to stave off her eviction

JUNE 10 — It was a rainy morning in San Francisco, but that didn’t stop community and housing activists from showing up at 812 Guerrero Street to block the eviction of a disabled tenant by a Google lawyer

The protesters gathered at 6am in the cold under umbrellas and heavy coats trying to warm up by  sipping on coffees and eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on the steps of the old Victorian house, ready to block the sheriff’s deputies if they showed up to evict Becky Bauknight.

She had been notified to expect an eviction at 6:01am, but the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t always carry out eviction orders at the exact time the courts and the landlords direct.

Bauknight is facing eviction from her small studio apartment on Guerrero Street for failing to file the paperwork to protest her eviction on time. Supporters say her disability prevented her from timely filing.

Google’s head of eDiscovery, Jack Halprin, is the owner of the building Bauknight lives in, and he successfully evicted three other tenants in the building already. He is in the process to getting rid of the rest of the tenants.

Halprin has never explained why he needs the entire building for himself… (more)

Protesters disrupt landlord from getting on Google bus
Google Lawyer evicting third-grade teacher
Google demo shows solidarity between tenants and labor
… Erin McElvoy, of the Anti-Eviciton Mapping Project, noted that more than 70 percent of the people facing Ellis Act evictions in the city today are either more than 60 years old or disabled.

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  1. holeshothunter permalink
    June 11, 2015 8:46 am

    Her’s what they used to do: Let the sheriff drag all her property onto the street, then carry it right back in. SHE DOES NOT TOUCH ONE SINGLE ITEM during this process. Then she gets another 3 months of fighting time before she can be evicted. *That’s an eviction action.*


    general relativity plus entropy means there is no going back . ​ all communications ​ & calls ​ may be recorded & archived


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