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So Many Victorian Homes Are Being Modernized That This Traditional Interiors Restoration Business Had To Close

June 12, 2015

by Caleb Pershan : sfist – excerpt

This past April, San Francisco Victoriana Inc., a company that restored period details in Victorian houses, experienced such a decline in business that its proprietors closed ahead of their planned retirement.

“People are buying Victorians and they are going super modern,” Scott Bowles, former manager of SF Victoriana, told MarketWatch. “They are ruining the city… We were in business for 40, 43 years, trying to save Victorians and keep them architecturally correct and provide the products here to restore them. Unfortunately, we are a casualty of the times.”

Echoing the sentiment is Christopher VerPlanck, principal of VerPlanck Historic Preservation Consulting in San Francisco. “It seems somehow cruel that many Victorians with intact interiors, that survived earthquakes, fires and hippies are having their stuffing ripped out so that the new owners can have a house that looks like a condo in [suburban] Foster City.”… (more)

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