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The Agenda, June 15-21: Destroying culture for condos

June 17, 2015

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Arts space will make way for condos under a proposal now coming before the Planning Commission

JUNE 15, 2015 – A plan that would wipe out five buildings and destroy the community-service, industrial, and arts operations that occupy them, is coming before the Planning Commission, where it will find significant opposition.

The plan to build 274 luxury housing units in the heart of what is now a cultural center at Bryant and 18th comes up at the Planning Commission Thursday/18, but staff has asked for a continuation to July 2.

Staff has also recommended that the project be approved, with conditions – which typically means the developer will accept a few minor changes, but the main elements of the project will move forward.

It’s more high-end housing moving into what used to be light-industrial space, and its impacts will spread across that part of town, where there are still a few auto-repair places and other non-gentrified uses.

Again: The vote probably won’t take place this week. But opponents are keeping an eye on it… (more)

What will it take for city authorities to put the breaks on development? We are looking at a possible tech stagnation if not downturn in the tech sector now. The Twitter CEO is resigning, tech firms are shedding office space, and the stock market is nervously watching the Greek tragedy unfold. We could be seeing the end of this tech bubble sooner than later. Must they burn the city and its cultural icons on their way out or will someone stop them?

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