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In surprise move, Planning Commission may seek to halt some Mission housing

July 7, 2015

by Cory Weinberg : bizjournals – excerpt

The Planning Commission will vote next week whether it should decide on one of San Francisco’s most contentious policy debates: whether market-rate apartment and condominium projects should continue to get built in the Mission District.

With a similar measure heading toward November’s ballot after the Board of Supervisors rejected a market-rate moratorium last month, the Planning Commission’s entrance into the debate is unexpected. It would be the first time the body has initiated a debate on interim controls for project approvals in at least the last decade…

The Planning Department released the resolution for the the commission to initiate a debate on six-month interim controls Friday morning. The commission will vote next week on whether to have a public hearing on the topic, which would likely happen within the next two months… (more)

Read more of this article, which goes into great details about the problems we are facing in our city neighborhoods and the need for instigate policy changes. A public hearing on the topic needs to include a discussion about the lack of enforcement and how we may change the policy to solve that problem.

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