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Short Term Restrictions on mergers in the Mission

July 13, 2015

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

The Mission Moratorium failed at the Board and is now on the ballot – but in the meantime, another critical land-use issue in that neighborhood is coming before the supervisors.

According to Calle24, the 24th Street Merchants group:

We are seeing a trend by investor- type restaurants that wish to combine retail space for restaurant use. We lost two retails spaces to a restaurant (near 24th and Hampshire), we fought and saved GG Tukay and St. Peters book store, when a restaurant offered the Archdiocese 100k to evict them and combine the spaces…

Sup David Campos, with the support of Mayor Ed Lee, is calling for emergency short-term restrictions on the combination of small retail spaces into larger spaces. Like the original Mission Moratorium, the interim zoning ordinance would be in place for 45 days and could be extended for as long as two years. That would give city planners a chance to study the space mergers in the Calle24 Special Use District and decide on long-term action.

It would also space existing small businesses from speculation and rent hikes.

The Land Use and Transportation Committee will vote on the measure Monday/13; the meeting starts at 1:30pm.

Also on the agenda: A proposal by Sups. John Avalos and Jane Kim that would apply the city’s inclusionary housing laws to what’s known as “group housing.”… (more)

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