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Displacement policy at risk in quiet power struggle

July 22, 2015


By Zelda Bronstein : 48hills – excerpt

Two regional agencies battling over the future of Bay Area planning — with social justice in the balance

JULY 21, 2015 –At a time when California state officials are steadily expanding the authority of regional governance, a nasty rift between the powerful Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments has burst into public view.

Like the smoke and lava belched by a volcano that’s about to blow its top, portents of the rupture have surfaced at recent meetings.

At its June 24 session, MTC, the moneybags of the duo, voted to fund ABAG’s planning and research staff for only the next six months instead of the customary full year.

At the July 10 joint meeting of the MTC Planning Committee and the ABAG Administrative Committee, MTC staff recommended that key anti-displacement language that appears in Plan Bay Area 2013 be stricken from the plan’s 2017 update; the ABAG staff report vehemently objected to the deletion.

The July 16 agenda of ABAG Executive Board included a staff report on MTC’s alleged proposal to move ABAG’s Planning and Research Department to MTC. That’s the institutional equivalent of a heart transplant.

In short, this is no bureaucratic squabble but rather a major power struggle. The antagonists are two public agencies whose decisions about housing, land use, and transportation are profoundly reshaping the life of the region (think Plan Bay Area, for starters).

As the dispute over anti-displacement suggests, should MTC prevail, social justice in the Bay Area is going to suffer… (more)

Please read the rest of the article. It is full of items of concern. Write letters to the parties letting them know how you feel. They don’t have a definition for “displacement”. Give them yours.

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