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DCCC votes Wednesday on critical fall races

August 10, 2015

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Will the party side with the mayor and the tech industry — or can Peskin and the Airbnb measure round up the votes?

AUGUST 10, 2015 – The San Francisco Democratic Party will vote Wednesday night on its endorsements for the November election, and the outcome will be significant not only because of the impact the DCCC slate can have but because it will be another key signal of how directly the mayor and the real-estate and tech interests control the local party.

There are several key ballot measures that will be a referendum on Mayor Ed Lee’s policies – and the District 3 supervisorial race will be a critical decision that will determine future control of the Board of Supervisors…(more)

If we are truly honoring Jim Meko’s memory, as the Planning Commission did last week, we would vote for Peskin, the Mission Moratorium, and a slow down of Trump-like towers and dense housing projects.

A huge wave of distrust is rolling across the city like a heavy blanket of fog, suffocating us with too many changes too fast. Voters are choking on heavy street diets that rob us of our precious time. They need a break to digest it all, and come up with an alternate plan.

We don’t need any more buildings in Mission Bay until the traffic flows again on Embarcadero and emergency vehicles can function. Removing traffic lanes and parking will not solve the problem when SF residents who work in the city are forced to move out and commute in, and most new residents commute out.

Voters are not dumb. They are disgusted. Figure it out DCCC.

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