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Jim Meko: A remembrace

August 10, 2015

by Zelda Bronstein : 48hills – excerpt

SoMa activist dies at 66; helped protect blue-collar jobs in the district

AUGUST 9, 2015 — Jim Meko, president of the SoMa Leadership Council and a former member of the Entertainment Commission, died August 3 at the age of 66. He had been hospitalized at UCSF for two weeks after suffering a massive stroke. San Francisco has lost a model community activist—an outspoken democrat who walked his talk with intelligence, persistence, and that too-rare quality in public figures: a great sense of humor.

Jim had a long and productive history of civic engagement, but I only met him in November 2013, when I was researching a 48 hills story about the city’s plan to wipe out almost two thousand Production, Distribution, and Repair, i.e., blue-collar, jobs in central SoMa. The idea was to replace most of the industrial zoning with the almost-anything-goes designation of Mixed-Use Office. “Mixed-Use Office,” Jim liked to say, “is zoning for people who don’t like zoning.”… (more)

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