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1-2-3, Anyone But Lee

August 21, 2015


Tuesday, September 15, 7 PM – 953 De Haro, The Potrero Hill Neighborhood House. Potrero Hill Democratic Club. All Mayoral candidates are invited to discuss the issues voters care about.  phdemclub

1-2-3, Anyone But Lee by Denise Sullivan : downwithtyranny – excerpt

The last time we checked in on San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee (appointed to fill Gavin Newsom’s vacated seat and elected for a full term in 2011) was set to run unopposed in the November election. But as candidate, community organizer, and singer Amy Farah Weiss (also known as “YIMBY” for Yes In My Backyard) has been quick to point out, there are in fact now five official alternatives to Lee on the ballot, though local media refuses to acknowledge their respective campaigns. In response to the black-out, Weiss and her fellow candidates, educator and organizer Francisco Herrera and columnist and comedian Broke-Ass Stuart Schuffman have come together as a coalition. The trio could conceivably pose a triple threat if voters take seriously their directive to rank them 1-2-3 in a bid to oust Lee. Weiss has even adapted the old Bobbettes number, “Mr Lee”  as a campaign song, a clever attempt to give voters a catchy way to remember the strategy (candidates four and five are Reed Martin and Kent Graham of whom I could find out little)… (more)

Cakewalk1 from zRants on Vimeo.

Maybe this is the problem. Corruption is Legal in America:

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