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75% Of Academy Of Art University Buildings Are Operating Illegally

September 28, 2015

socketsite – excerpt – (includes charts)

Of the 40 known properties now operated by the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, 75 percent appear to be operating illegally without necessary permits or approvals.

And according to a Planning Department report slated to be presented to San Francisco’s Planning Commission next week, the following nine buildings, which include over 330 rooms of student housing, are ineligible to even be permitted or legalized for their current uses without legislative amendments to San Francisco’s existing Planning Code: …

The legislative amendments, however, would result in the loss of at-risk uses the City is on the record as fighting to preserve, including residential housing and Production, Repair and Distribution (PDR) space.  And as such, Planning Department Staff plans to seek the Commission’s guidance on how to approach these sites and whether the Commission would support amendments to permit the losses.

An updated Master Plan for the Academy of Art is due this November and the University’s long-overdue Environmental Impact Report is expected to the certified next April, after which Planning Department Staff “will embark on the processing of AAU’s [buildings] that require legalization.”… (more)

The Art Academy University is a prime example of arbitrary enforcement, or should I say, lack of enforcement of illegal uses. There is a call for enforcement of illegal uses as residents become increasingly alarmed by the pace changes being forced on them by developer-friendly city authorities.
Demands for change are making their way onto the ballot as three brave souls go up against the Mayor and his policies by saying, “vote for anyone by Ed Lee“if you don’t approve of his housing policies.

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