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The Agenda, Sept. 21 – Sept 27: A big, odd, garbage battle at City Hall

September 29, 2015

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Pits the Sierra Club and a giant landfill operator against our local  trash monopoly. Plus: An insane transportation fee goes to the supes, as does a chapter in the ParkMerced battle … and guess what — SF is only building 11 percent of the affordable housing it needs

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 – I got a flier in the mail last week telling me that “San Francisco’s Garbage Plan STINKS!” It was tagged: “An important message from the Sierra Club.”

Well: The local chapter of the Sierra Club is mostly right on environmental issues most of the time, so I took a minute to read it, then made a couple of phone calls – and realized I was in the middle of a major San Francisco political issue involving millions of dollars and a very influential local company that has a legally mandated monopoly on garbage and recycling collection in the city.

And the whole thing comes before the Board of Supes Tuesday/29… (more)

Somehow Recology is picking up less garbage and charging more. That doest not sit will with many SF residents.

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