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Source: Mayor Lee considering veto of ‘Tenant Protections 2.0’

September 30, 2015

By  : sfexaminer – excerpt

It’s no secret that San Francisco is a hard town for both tenants and small-time landlords, politically: Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

But now, it seems tenants may do both.

Last week the Board of Supervisors passed a package of much-heralded tenants’ rights protections known as “Tenant Protections 2.0” (because everything these days has to be tech-related, right?).

On Guard has learned that small property owners are lobbying Mayor Ed Lee to veto the legislation. They want the supervisors to take another vote, and strip out a provision allowing renters to bring in additional roommates.

“We are asking for a veto,” said Josephine Zhao, leader of, a group of small property owners. She said members sent in “hundreds of emails.”

Sources who asked not to be named told us the mayor is considering a veto in response to that pressure, and may pull the trigger to kill the legislation. He has until the end of next week to veto it… (more)

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