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Warriors formally purchase Mission Bay site

October 13, 2015

Chronicle Staff Report : sfgate – excerpt

The Golden State Warriors finalized plans to purchase a 12-acre parcel of land in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood on Monday, clearing another hurdle in their efforts to build a sports and entertainment complex in the city.

Although the purchase price for the land was not reported publicly, team President Rick Welts did characterize the arena project as a “$1 billion-plus investment in San Francisco,” in a press release.

The finalization of the land purchase does not come as a surprise. The team had made public its plans to buy the property back in 2014, when they agreed in principal to buy the land from the software firm Salesforce.

The Warriors hope to have the arena up and running in time for the 2018-19 NBA season. A group of wealthy donors to the adjoining UCSF hospital facility oppose the project, citing traffic and parking concerns… (more)

A lot more people than wealthy donors oppose this plan. A large contingent of the biotech community and a lot of neighbors and anyone who drives or commutes to this neighborhood or through it opposes any more sports arenas and entertainment complexes in the area. We may soon see a big exodus if this continues.

Displacement of residents and workers used to take decades, now it happens much faster. City Hall wooed the Giants and the biotech and healthy community to Mission Rock less than five years ago, and already they are changing partners. Time to kick those scientists out and bring in the Sports Disneyworld. Wonder how long that marriage will last. Will it be a man-made or a natural disaster that kicks them out?

News of this purchase could convince a lot of people to vote against the Giants expansion plans (Prop D, Mission Rock) who would have otherwise supported it. Too much and too many people on this land-filled below sea level spot. How else do you get it across to City Hall if you want to building mania to slow down than to vote against each and every project that comes up for a vote.

If you don’t want the warriors in San Francisco’s Mission Bay, Vote 1-2-3 to replace Ed Lee:

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