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Bay Area traffic getting worse before sunrise

October 23, 2015

KRON4 – excerpt – (video)

“There are far fewer surface parking lots in San Francisco,” Goodwin said. “These folks may be racing to get to work, so they can find a place to park.”.

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — More and more Bay Area commuters are hitting the road long before sunrise.

The early birds are looking for something far more precious than worms. The traffic nightmare is already developing, while most of the Bay Area is sleeping…

As for the cause, Goodwin said the tech-fueled building boom has gobbled up a lot of open space… (more)

Thanks to the MTC and ABAG, who are now locked in a power struggle blaming each other over who is responsible for turning the streets of San Francisco Bay Area into a parking lot.

How did they do it? By systematically using taxpayer dollars to remove traffic lanes and parking, while pushing bikes and walking as the preferred method to travel.

Muni and BART and the other public transit systems have spent the billions of dollars they received fighting cars instead of building a public transit system for those who need it. We now have a complete disaster and are ranked as one of the top 4 worst traffic congestions in the country.

How to fix it? Fire the politicians who support it. Join the growing number of disgusted concerned citizens who are fighting the gridlock by insisting on a new plan. Housing and transit are linked. Dense cities is their chant. Livable cities is ours. Vote for new blood at you City Hall.

More on the MTC/ABAG congtroversy

One other important factor in the increase in numbers of commuters is that SF employees have been forced to move out of the city and now must commute in to work, while the new arrivals do not work in the city and are commuting out to work. This is exactly what the planners claimed they would fix by building high-density stack and pack housing next to public transit. That is why we need a new plan, as Prop I requires, for the Mission District. They fear of the developers and their supporters is that if Prop I passes, the rest of the neighborhoods will demand the same deal. A NEW PLAN.

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  1. holeshothunter permalink
    October 23, 2015 7:46 pm

    Too late.


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